CrossFit Bangor Benchmark Workout Leaderboard

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Big Bang

1st James P 5:59 Open
2nd Alexander L 6:38 Open
3rd Lucas R 6:55 Open
4th rob s 6:59 Open
5th Kevin A 7:53 Open
1st Melinda M 5:42 Open
2nd Caitlin S 6:10 Open
3rd Tiffany S 6:35 Open
4th Daija M 7:59 Open
5th Karen L 8:06 Open

Black Lung

1st Aj a 4:36 Open
2nd travis c 4:59 Open
3rd Ryan L 5:26 Open
4th Nick C 5:56 Open
5th Brian C 6:32 Open
1st Nicole M 5:55 Open
2nd Paula L 6:12 Open
3rd Dena B 6:15 Open
4th Mariah A 5:10 Rx
5th Ashley A 5:12 Rx

Captain Crunch Part 1

1st Kevin A 37 Cal Open
2nd James H 36 Cal Open
3rd travis c 35 Cal Open
4th carl n 33 Cal Open
5th James P 33 Cal Open
1st Daija M 39 Cal Open
2nd Melinda M 31 Cal Open
3rd Karen L 31 Cal Open
4th Tiffany S 30 Cal Open
5th Linda C 23 Cal Open

Captain Crunch Part 2

1st James H 36 Cal Open
2nd Geoffrey B 34 Cal Open
3rd Kevin A 33 Cal Open
4th Derek G 28 Cal Open
5th James P 28 Cal Open
1st Melinda M 31 Cal Open
2nd Tiffany S 30 Cal Open
3rd Daija M 29 Cal Open
4th Karen L 27 Cal Open
5th Caroline K 18 Cal Open

“Captain Crunch” Part 3

1st James H 51 Cal Open
2nd Kevin A 49 Cal Open
3rd James P 46 Cal Open
4th travis c 41 Cal Open
5th Derek G 39 Cal Open
1st Melinda M 47 Cal Open
2nd Daija M 40 Cal Open
3rd Karen L 39 Cal Open
4th Tiffany S 35 Cal Open
5th Shannon B 31 Cal Open


No Male Scores
No Female Scores

Fight Club

1st Alexander N 286 reps Open
1st Thomas N 286 reps Open
3rd John G 252 reps Open
4th Caleb P 242 reps Open
5th Peter V 218 reps Open
1st Karen L 211 reps Open
2nd Tiffany S 209 reps Open
3rd Nora P 201 reps Open
4th Katelyn M 179 reps Open
5th Kim D 185 reps Performance


1st Lucas R 92:44:15 Open
2nd Drew S 3:15 Rx
3rd Eliot G 3:36 Rx
4th Caleb P 3:58 Rx
5th Geoffrey B 4:11 Rx
1st Karen L 5:03 Rx
2nd Crystal S 5:18 Rx
3rd Mariah A 5:43 Rx
4th Caitlin S 6:10 Rx
5th Ashley A 6:21 Rx


1st Caleb P 236 reps Open
2nd travis c 228 reps Open
3rd Joshua B 219 reps Open
4th rob s 212 reps Open
5th Jack L 211 reps Open
1st Daija M 202 reps Open
2nd Caitlin S 195 reps Open
3rd Karen L 179 reps Open
4th Nora P 164 reps Open
5th Candace G 163 reps Performance

Heartbreak Kid

1st John G 7:26 Open
2nd Lucas R 7:39 Open
3rd Caleb P 10:25 Open
4th James P 10:49 Open
5th Peter V 12:31 Open
1st Karen L 15:33 Open
2nd Nora P 9:45 Performance
3rd Carla P 9:21 Fitness
4th Bonnie P 10:11 Fitness
5th Mikayla M 10:50 Fitness


1st Lucas R 13 + 6 Rx
2nd Chase G 7 Rounds Rx
3rd Alexander L 12 + 9 Scaled
4th Ryan B 12 + 2 Scaled
5th Scotty P 12 + 1 Scaled
1st Melinda M 13 Rounds Rx
2nd Nicole M 14 + 3 Scaled
3rd Billie T 14 Rounds Scaled
4th Morgan H 14 Rounds Scaled
5th Lauren R 13 + 2 Scaled


1st Geoffrey B 9:43 Rx
2nd Colin V 10:52 Rx
3rd James H 11:04 Rx
4th travis c 11:07 Rx
5th Aj a 11:18 Rx
1st Heather M 12:30 Rx
2nd Megan M 12:49 Rx
3rd paula p 13:16 Rx
4th Candace D 13:31 Rx


1st James P 20:01 Open
2nd Dennis G 14:34 Performance
3rd rob s 10:59 Fitness
4th Derek G 11:28 Fitness
5th Chad B 12:58 Fitness
1st Nicole M 12:02 Fitness
2nd Caitlin S 13:32 Fitness
3rd Nora P 13:55 Fitness
4th Paula L 14:20 Fitness
5th Kristen V 14:34 Fitness