Whiteboard Brief

Metcon: Work with a partner today with a running clock of max 500 meter rows and snatches then
ending with 500 meter rows. You will have 2 separate scores of total number of 500-meter rows and total number of snatches.
The goal here is to achieve the same number of 500 meter rows between the first and second sets. Intensity
should be around 80%. If you’ve trained 3 consecutive days leading up to today, decrease the intensity to
about 60-70%

WOD - I Like to Kick

With a partner:
Max 500 meter row
Max Power Snatches (135, 95)
Max 500 meter row
*One person works. Split as desired.
*Score = total number of 500 meter rows, total #of snatches
Rx: As written
Open: (115, 75)
Perf: (95, 65)
Fitness: (75, 55)

WOD - Total 500m rows

record TOTAL completed 500m rows

WOD - Total Reps Snatch

Record TOTAL Reps of Snatch
Rx: (135/95)
Open: (115, 75)
Perf: (95, 65)
Fitness: (75, 55)